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Dr. Mohamed Sherif Tawfik, Author of e-accounting sites Welcome to My E-Accounting Sites Link!
This is a good place to introduce you to vast increasing E-ACCOUNTING sites. They include both author's developed sites and others' important e-accounting sites. Following is a short describtion of my major E-ACCOUNTING site contents (Please click on any image to view the site): My Professional E-Accounting Site

My E-Accounting Site1
Author's most complete package of e-accounting definition, my e-accounting book, and many e-accounting online resources.
Accountronic Software House
Author's Arabic/English software firm. It is deveoping e-accounting Financial Accounting System software, Accounting CDs and publications.
My Arabic E-Accounting Site
Author's Arabic e-accounting site. It includes news, software, research, publications, CDs, links and many other internet accounting resources.
÷÷Author's Work Position Site
Author's prime work position (Professor of accounting and Academic Coordinator of FCES-ZU) site. This site of the English Language Section at Faculty of Commerce, Zagazig University- Egypt has been developed by author and includes some important e-accounting resources.
Hot Items
Here are some of the top-selling E-Accounting products in my online store:

* My research and books PDF DOWNLOADS at Information Technology Accountants Site .

* Advanced Computer Applications to Accounting Book, with CD3.

* My new E-Accounting Book.

** Please visit: